Jeremy Williams Woodturning

  "Turning Against the Grain"

Artist's Statement

I take great delight in the beauty of the universe God created.  Wood is one of the foremost examples of that beauty and the purpose of my work is to bring out the magnificence of nature, which is often taken for granted.

I have been working in wood since February, 2011.  Though I am mostly self taught, I attend some demonstrations and wood working expositions to keep my mind fresh and the ideas flowing. So many ideas, so little time.

Woodturning is a sweet science.  It is a narrow but deep niche in the world of woodworking.  Often a piece is not suitable for anything except burning or turning, and the most beautiful things can be made from wood that was destined for the fireplace. My approach to woodturning is inspired by Michelangelo. He said the final piece was enclosed in the block of stone and he only had to remove everything that wasn't it.  The unique qualities of wood are almost always also exemplified in the woodturner himself.  In some ways woodturning goes against some of the general basics of other types of woodworking. And I love turning against the grain.

I prefer shapes and designs that feature gently sloping curves and give the impression that they extend beneath the table.  I use any kind of wood from domestic to foreign types and from fresh cut wood to pieces rescued from the burn pile.  Within trees wood often distorts itself and creates burls, crotch wood, knots, etc.  While these occurrences are often considered undesirable I enjoy turning pieces with these "imperfections" to show what lies beneath.

My pieces are never stained, just finished to bring out the natural colors and grain of the wood.  Whatever I do I hope it turns out beautiful.  I love turning shavings into smiles!

Jeremy Williams